On the nose, aromas of green apple are laced with hints of ambrosia. Flavors of crunchy pears, zesty citrus, and honey layer over a slight yeastiness and a fresh minerality.

100% California

Green Apple
Hint of Ambrosia

Crunchy Pear
Zesty Citrus

Pairs with:
Sushi, fried chicken sandwiches, grilled portabellos

Meiomi Vineyard

Coastal Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes were harvested in the cool evening or morning hours. Gentle pressing yielded a cuvee with brilliant clarity, light fruitiness, and keen acidity. Vineyard lots were fermented separately, and once the cold, primary fermentation was complete, assemblage of the blend took place. Meiomi uses the traditional French sparkling winemaking process, Methode Champenoise, where the transformation from still to sparkling wine occurs entirely inside the bottle. After the first fermentation, yeast and sugars are added to start a second fermentation. The wine is bottled and aged en tirage, or on the yeast, before it is riddled and then disgorged. This centuries-old art is one of the most appreciated methods used in the making of the highest-quality sparkling wines.